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Brochure Boxes, do they work?
November 5, 2015 at 6:00 AM
by Brett Storsved

Many sign companies will provide a brochure box for their clients. The brochure box adds a value to the realtor's sign and their listing. Clients can receive a flyer while visiting the property listing. This flyer provides valuable information about the listing; demographics, photos of the interior, price, and more. A self serve kiosk for the consumer. But is there a down side?

With flyers (and only flyers), you don't know who is grabbing them out of the box. Are they actually buyers or just the neighborhood kids or vandals emptying the box? Did the last person leave the lid open only to have it rain last night? Who is going to re-fill it when it is empty and how will you know when that happens? And what does it say when an actual buyer goes to an empty box or tube? This is where an occupied homeowner can assist. Leave a number that you can be reached so they can notify you if it is empty. If they are willing, leave extra flyers with them and they can refill as needed. I believe the agent is working for the client and suggest that you fill it as much as possible.

Brochure boxes should be only one of the many forms of marketing a listing. It might not be appropriate for a particular listing. If the listing is in a neighborhood with no foot traffic or access (guard gated community), it may not pay to add a brochure box. But it is also a way to not only market the listing but also yourself. Neighbors will stop by and grab a flyer as they want to know what their property is worth and may give you a call to list. They may give to a friend or relative as a referral. You never know where that flyer may end up and what it could lead too. Problem is no way to track unless you ask the client how their heard about the listing or your services (which I think you should do anyway).

Tip: Make sure the brochure box is accessible easily for the potential buyer. By having the brochure box face the street, the potential buyer can access the box without walking all the way around stepping on the nice, manicured, grass.

Many sign companies charge extra for the box. They may also charge for adding the flyers. Shop around and see if the the sign company will include the box with the sign installation. Maybe they will even fill the box for you saving you time.

Riders (smaller add-on signs to the realtor sign) can also add marketing information (specific listing agent info, #800, text number, QR codes, Voice description number, etc. We will be discussing these in our next blog. Til next time.