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Hang in there - Sign Riders!
January 10, 2016 at 6:00 AM
by Brett Storsved

Today's topic is rider signs. These are small signs added to the listing post above or below the realtor's sign hung by hooks. Some companies also provide space on top of the post arm. These can be very informative highlighting a feature of the property. Common riders are: For Sale, pool, 3 bedrooms, pool/spa, price reduced, etc. In addition to highlighting a feature, you can highlight yourself. When you order your real estate sign you may also want to have holes placed at the bottom so you can add sign riders.

Most associations require the sign to have the company's logo and phone number. But what if you want to add your information without creating your own sign? A sign rider is a simpler, cheaper way to go. You can add your name/direct phone number and add the rider under the company's sign.

QR codes can be added to direct buyers to more information about you. Text line numbers are growing more popular and a way to receive immediate contact from the buyer.

Another popular rider is a marketing tool to get more listings. Offering a free listing with a purchase can increase your business. Many home buyers are willing to move up but are afraid of the costs associated to list their current home. This rider can kill two birds.

Only advice with regard to sign riders, more than two is a distraction. Find what your most important message is and limit it to that. Just like a Christmas tree, too many distractions can make your listing look tacky. Don't overload the post!

Next time we will discuss how to separate a good sign installation company from a fair or poor one. See you next month.