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"All sign installation companies are the same."
October 8, 2015 at 5:00 AM
by Brett Storsved

Being in real estate since 2007, I have seen and used many different sign install companies. I have yet to see the perfect service. Now I am not saying that problems won't arise but how the company deals with them, whether it is a big issue or a minor one, will tell you a lot about that company.

Communication - does the company communicate with you the client?
How many times have you called your sign company and it goes to voicemail? Yes, a busy company may be busy but how long does it take to get back to you, 20 minutes, 2 days, or even a week? Or, how about you send a email request and you don't herar from them, or worse the response is "your email went to spam or junk folder"? What is email being routed to spam - can't they add you to their address book.

Services - does the company provide the services you need to succeed?

  • Do they provide storage?
  • Do they pick up your signs from the sign shop or do you have to go get them? Do they place the sign in a timely manner?
  • What about those sign riders I see on other listings? How can I get one?
  • Have you ordered a sign to be installed and find out three to four days later it is still not up?
  • Out of area listings - is their response "No, went don't go there."

All questions you should find out and then decide on your sign install company.

Price - do the give me value with the sign install?
Most sign install companies will vary in price - from basic install to a menu list/cost for services. Options are good, but have your ever ordered your features on your cable tv and then have sticker shock when the bill arrrives? Make sure the average sign you ordered is priced within your budget. A company needs to make money to survive, but do they need to gouge the client who is paying them?

Pride - how does my sign look with the service provided by the sign install company?
How many times have you seen a post that is not straight, or the paint is weathered, or the realtor® sign is hung and dirty? Has your sign been installed at the wrong property? If the sign needs attention (broken sign, fallen sign post, graffiti), does the company go out to correct it?

Technology - does your company work in the 21st century?
We live in a technological dependent society. Everything we do seems to be affected by some form of technology. Now, there is nothing wrong with paper invoice and accepting cash/check in a business but does it limit the options. As a client, would you like a company to provide online ordering, auto-pay, invoiced sent through email, photos of completed work, twitter, instagram and facebook posts promoting your listing, and ability to communicate through email, text, and phone calls? Technology can enhance a company's growth. Not utilizing it also can hamper that growth.

Just thoughts.

As always, it is a pleasure to earn your business.