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Should I list my house during the holidays?
October 30, 2015 at 5:00 AM
by Brett Storsved

As the holidays appoach, even though I saw Halloween decoractions at the beginning of August and Christmas decor has been out for over a month, potential sellers are asking the question - "Do I list my property during the holidays?" Using past wisdom or tendacies, most people do not list their property during these busy times or even take down their listing for sale. I am here to say that this is a great time for you to consider selling your home, and here are three reasons.

1. Buyers are searching for their new home and are always looking

Holidays is a time for festivities, parties, shopping, exchanging presents, and vacations. You may be busy, but so are the buyers. With the internet and Zillow, Trulia,, agents and brokerage web sites marketing every property possible, they are searching for that picture fit. Buyers are constantly looking. Do you want to be found?

2. Inventory - as stated earlier, is usually lighter during the holidays

Traditional thinking is tough to avoid. If everyone is doing it, the way it's always been done, then that has to be the correct direction. Be the exception. If everybody is avoiding this time, taking down their listings, stand out and be noticed. Buyers are still looking for that perfect fit. You will be the new kid on the block. Everyone will take notice and could be that deal you are looking for.

3. Consider a price reduction if you already have it listed and nothing is moving on it

You have been on the market for awhile and no one is calling. Keep in mind they are still looking. Maybe your made their list but something kept them away. Most of the time is the list price. Maybe the market has been moving and you haven't adjusted. Do another Cumalitive Market Analysis (CMA) and see if the price should be lowered. The price could be that single item that closes the deal.

Finally, consider the buyers mentally. Who makes the decision about buying the house? Sorry, guys. Been married 23 years and can say without revocation that I have no say in major purchases. I can guide, suggest, research, and present, but the wife has the final say. Do the Misses want to decorate and host that wonderful holiday party in her new home? Buyers may want to get into that perfect house and celebrate the holidays for the first time. This is a great motivator. And what about the end of the year? Are you prepared for the Resolution and the Tax Planners? End of the year can motivate buyers to get in that house so they don't miss out on the tax breaks homeownership affords. Saving money, another great motivator for buyers. Resolutions don't only come in the form of eating healthier, going to the gym, or going church more often. If a buyer is on the fence, January 1st is a great motivator to get moving.... and buying. Have your listing ready for them. This is the time for the deal!

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