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Why should I place a Realtor® sign in the yard of my listing?
September 29, 2015 at 5:00 AM
by Brett Storsved

Speaking with a number of Realtors®, one question usually comes up - "Do I want to place a sign in the yard?" I always respond with, "you don't want a sign in the yard - you NEED a sign in the yard!"

Your listing is a huge investment as a Realtor®. You worked very hard to get that listing; networking, advertising, in-brokerage politicing, referral fees, etc. Make the listing work for you.

A yard sign is still the tried and true way to get your information to buyers and sellers. According to the National Association of Realtors information used in a home search, 51% home buyers spotted a sign in the yard (Source: 2014 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers).

  • Real estate agent: 89%
  • Yard sign: 51%
  • Mobile of tablet website or application: 45%
  • Open house: 45%
  • Mobile or tablet search engine: 42%
  • Print newspaper advertisement: 23%

Getting info directly from a real estate agent is the only source that beats the yard sign. In an age with increase of traffic on the internet, the simple yard sign still outduels the other media outlets.

Marketing: one of the oldest and still producing way of advertising your listing. Yes, it is only seen by someone who is physically at the property but think of all the cars that drive by. A sign in the yard will draw the attention of the neighborhood. Residents will inquire to find out the price, maybe for a friend or relative they can tell who may want to move into the neighborhood to be close to their next of kin. Maybe the just want to find out to compare their house. This is a lead waiting to happen. Offer a free CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) and you can assist with the potential seller with their needs. You would be suprised how many referrals you will get even if the neighbor doesn't sell. You took the time to educate them.

Branding: obviously you need to to include your brokerage with logo on the sign and maybe you are using their sign, but if they don't require leads to go directly to them, you can save money and get the phone call. For as little as $9.00, you can hang a sign rider with your name and direct number so you don't miss an offer or a new lead.

Call to Action: the client knows immediately you are committed to selling their property. Many clients don't understand all the ways you market: MLS, Zillow, Trulia,, drip email campaigns, etc. Every client understands the yard sign. This will instill a confidence that you are commtted to selling this listing. Note: not all property owners may want a yard sign but if educate them with the benefits and the opportunity to sell their property quicker, they will beg for one.

So when you are pondering the question, sign or no sign do a simple math problem. Calculate the number of missed opportunities and leads (unlimited potential) versus the cost of the simple yard sign (around $35.00 per sign).

Just thoughts.

As always, it is a pleasure to earn your business.